pw-butts, an angular directive for all your butts needs


Have you ever been working on an angular app, misspelled a <button> tag and wished that <butt> was a real tag? Wish no more. pw-butts is an angular directive that fufills all your butt tag wishes.

Getting Started


Like all legitimate libraries, pw-butts is available on npm

						npm install pw-butts

If you'd rather not use npm, you can also clone the repo

						git clone

Once you have the code, include it as a dependency in your angular app.

					<script src="path/to/pw-butts/src/butts.js"></script>
						var yourApp = angular.module('demo', ['pw-butts']);

Now you're ready to put some butts out there.

Basic Usage

The easiest way to get a butt going is just <butt></butt>

But we also support multiple butts: <butts></butts>

<butts> defaults to three, but takes a count attribute: <butts count="5"></butts>

Through the type attribute, there are a few varieties available: <butt type="wide"></butt> (this works for both <butt> and <butts>)

Right now supported types are wide, doublewide, raunchy, gross, confused and crinkle.

Advanced Configuration

If the provided butts aren't enough for you, <butt> provides a configuration provider for setting them how you'd like globally.
					app.config(['buttFactoryProvider', function(buttFactoryProvider) {

						// Set the default butt

						// Set your own named butt
						buttFactoryProvider.setButt('(_:)_)', 'smile');

						// setButt will also take an object to create new and override others
							wide: '[____|____]',
							cash: '(_$_)'